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We Brew Beer at Ferris Road, Alexandra

On 1st September 2014 Ferris Road Brewery started trading.

This new brewery stemmed  from  a book owner/brewer Sam Forsyth read in 2011 (‘Brewing Up a Business’ written by Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery) the idea took hold and Sam decided to restart home brewing which he had done (with some success)  in Australia during the 90s.

While enquiring about  the necessary equipment for full mash and extract brewing Sam realized  the ingredients, liquid malt extract, dry malt extracts and yeasts as well as the cleaning and sterilizing products had increased in range and quality vastly  so he began some experiments by varying hop, yeast and grain additions with various results.

The releases of the Trail Ale and the Natural Blonde are the result! Cheers!


About The Beer


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